Shallan’s April-22 Optimization Challenge

I wasn’t going to participate in this one. I need to work on my C64 game right now (Island Adventure) AND I’m at the beginning of a new (solo) project at work where I need to ship x projects in y months, where x is an order of magnitude greater than y.. Anyway, I got…

Spiral Challenge Revisited

I am a bit annoyed that I haven’t been able to explain how my spiral challenge solution works clearly enough. To rehash the challenge it is this: Generate the image below, it will be tested in VICE C64 with Inject To RAM. Smallest number of bytes wins. The image is a rectangular spiral winding clockwise…

September 2021 Optimization Challenge

Updates: Various improvements have been made since the competition ended and has been included towards the end of the post. My best post challenge is 42 bytes and Gair Straume has provided a 39 byte solution based on the findings of other solutions! September meant another challenge, and I’d missed out on the July optimization…

May 2021 C64 Optimization Challenge

I’m participating in another size & speed coding challenge for the month of May! Basically just draw three characters in the system font with one character per pixel on-screen. There is a launcher program available that can show how many cycles one iteration takes which can then be multiplied with the size of the program…


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About Space Moguls

Space Moguls is the title of the first game developed by Space Moguls Games, a modern retro hardware take on M.U.L.E.

Since then several games have been made and started, hoping to continue having fun with this!

Click through the game pages for more details about each projects and some details on what is around the corner 🙂

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