Completed and Works In Progress

Games that have been released or announced by Space Moguls

Space Moguls

The first game and the namesake of this outfit!

Space Moguls is a four player strategy game inspired by one of the greatest strategy games at the early days of the genre – M.U.L.E.

Each round consists of the following steps:

  • Land Grant – each player selects one free land cell
  • Land Auction (random) – one cell up for grabs!
  • Development – install/change droids on cells
  • Production – items being produced on land
  • Global Event – random events changing the game
  • Trading – sell and buy items from players and store
  • Round Results – see current status between players
  • Land Reveal – new cells become available

Space Moguls is available from Protovision.

Click here for more details!

Nono Pixie

Nonograms, also known as Picross or Griddlers, are addictive puzzles where you reveal an image by following the tile group counts for each row and column.

Nono Pixie can be downloaded from, or previewed in the browser.

Click here for more details!

Space Orbs

A match-3 game with twists!

Two players must work together to match same colored balls but instead of a time element the number of moves determine when the next row appears. Throw in a number of obstacle blocks in the mix and you end up with something a little different from the expected challenge!

Space Orbs can be downloaded from or previewed in the browser.

Click here for more details!

Witch Day

A Halloween game developed in a week prior to Halloween 2019.

This is a simple point and click game supporting a 1351 or compatible mouse. You have to provide cake for the annoying kid to get out of your yard

Witch Day can be downloaded from

Witch Rescue Service

A Halloween game developed in a week prior to Halloween 2020. This project started on October 23 and was first released Saturday the 31st! Follow along on and twitter!

Due to the reponse I’m planning to turn this one week project into two separate games.

Preview in your browser here!

Click here for more details.

Docking Simulator

If you ever played Port of Calls on Amiga or MS-DOS in the 90’s you probably remember the docking minigame!

Although you probably started paying the pilot to do it for you as soon as you had enough funds it was a lot of fun in the beginning!

The art and interface is still early, some iteration should make it stand out. The project work folder is called “Call of Ports”, maybe a better name than Docking Simulator in the end.

Island Adventure …

Not much has been announced for this title except it will be cartridge only.

Still aiming for a completion within 2020!

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