Space Moguls have developed games that are downloadable for free and Space Moguls that can be ordered from Protovision.

Space Moguls

Space Moguls is available as a physical cartridge and floppy disk from Protovision from their website from this page. Protovision also provides a digital version for download.

The box comes with either a Cartridge or Floppy (or both), in a sturdy box with a full color manual designed by Lobo. It also includes a small space creture, a sticker, a Space Trading License and a Ticket to Space! For a more detailed strategy guide check out the Space Moguls Player’s Guide.

Nono Pixie

Nono Pixie is a free game available at itch.io from this link : sakrac.itch.io/nono-pixie.

Space Orbs

Space Orbs is a free game available at itch.io from this link : sakrac.itch.io/space-orbs. Note that Space Orbs Complete is the full version with title screen and music, Space Orbs was originally a 16kb cartridge game jam entry and is preserved as such, the Complete version was released after the competition.

Witch Day

Witch Day is more a concept of an adventure game than a full game but there is a puzzle to solve. The game is available from itch.io at: sakrac.itch.io/witch-day, no further development is planned at this point.

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