Game page for Nono Pixie

Are you prepared for 100 unique Nonogram puzzles up to 32 by 16 tiles in this contribution to the RGCD 16kb Cartridge competition 2019?

Play the game from your browser by clicking here. Joystick works but also keyboard, use arrow keys and space, or X to mark known clear, see the included manual for more details.

Nonogram – Picross – Griddlers..

Not familiar with these addictive puzzles? Wikipedia has an amazing entry on the topic! Once you’ve learned the basics you’ll love this “Sudoko for pixel art” as it was colorfully described by @bandygrass!

Play any way you like – use a joystick for convenience, keyboard for speed or a 1351 or compatible mouse for that office computer feel! (Mouse sold separately).

In-game Pause Menu

Take a break from puzzle solving, change options or jump to any puzzle directly from the in-game Pause Menu, no need to return to the main menu!

Original hardware joystick controls

C64Mini/TheC64 controls with included CJM files.

Built-in game manual

Even if you don’t feel like reading manuals online there is no need to go for a cracked version – the +D is already part of the floppy disk version!

Nono Pixie gameplay video

How to get the game

Download Nono Pixie for free from!

PDF of in-game manual

Keyboard controls

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