Game Page for Space Moguls

You’ve won the trials, now you’re eligible for the off-world finals, will your settlement be the winner among the four finalists?

Four Player Competetive Strategy Game

Taking inspiration from M.U.L.E., a classic strategy game from 1983, Space Moguls pits four competitors (the computer handles any competitors not being controlled by humans) in an off-world production/trading strategy challenge. Whoever ends the game with the most cash and assets is declared the winner!

Global Events makes the game unpredictable

Each turn there is a strong chance that a global event will throw the balace off the current round or even the whole game! Global Events can cause good or bad changes for either all players or just one player. Watch out for those space bees!

Produce and Trade to maximize sustainability and profit

You don’t have to produce all items you need yourself, trade with your competitors or sell your surplus. Before each trading session the current amounts are shown along with an indicator if you’re short on items for the next round.

Outfit droids with equipment and set them to work on your land!

The key to producing enough essentials and value is to learn what equipment works best with what land type, and snag it before your opponents in during the land grant.

Play on four different planets

Enjoy the refreshing outdoors of Alia Terra, the other earth.

Or have you ever dreamed of getting your to Mars?

Why not escape global warming on the brisque Winternus?

Or if the realistic worlds does not do it for you why not the outlandish post modern planet 64C?

Need some help getting started? Or maybe looking for help to reach the next stage of profits? Check out the Space Moguls Player’s Guide for plenty of advice and cold hard data.

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