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Try this game out in a browser by clicking here. I’d recommend setting up two joysticks, but keyboard can be played with up/down/left/right for player one: w/s/q/e and player two: k/,/u/o and using space to select in menus. If you enjoy it you can download it from for free!

What happens when you take a frantic single player puzzle game and take out the time pressure and add another player?

Magical Drop is an amazing puzzle action game – this game is taking the logic but removing the action and replacing it with co-op puzzle strategy!

Pick your play style

Play single player and use the fire button to change sides, or two players with two joysticks with the fire button deactivated.

Watch out for bombs, bugs and beans..

Bugs can take the space of a ball and can only be removed by clearing neighboring spaces.

Bombs will destroy neighbor balls and can cause chain reactions with neighboring bombs.

Beans can’t be pulled until a neighboring match is made, which turns the bean into a copy of the balls in the match.

Each ship can pull from its side

To clear the board both ships need to work together to match at least three of the same color ball. The ships can trade balls above the playfield.

Project Name

Proin id arcu aliquet, elementum nisi quis, condimentum nibh. Donec hendrerit dui ut nisi tempor scelerisque.


Interstellar aliens have arrived in the vicinity of Earth with ill intent.
Instead of ordinary weapons they deploy biological orbs that will cause devastation on Earth if they reach critical mass!
Take your time, plan ahead, this is a matching game where nothing happens until you make a move!
Bring a friend to tackle the infestation from the other end.
Just don’t let the orbs reach critical mass!
Two players work together to match 3 orbs of the same color. Game progresses after each player move, not by time.

Starting the Game

Press fire on either joystick or C= on the keyboard to enter the main menu.

The following options are available:

  • Start Wave: Select to begin on any level of the game
  • Play Style: To enable single player the fire button switches which ship each joystick controls. This can be disabled to avoid disruption for co-op play. Auto mode will switch sides when pushing orbs to the other ship.
  • Briefing: Read the game story

How To Play

The goal is to reduce the threat of critical mass from the buildup of alien space orbs.A level is complete when the side bars are at the bottom. If the side bars fill up the game is over. 

  • Move ship up and down using the joystick up and down.
  • Push and pull orbs by pressing left and right on the joystick.
  • Play with one or two joysticks in port 1 or port 2.
  • Press Fire to switch sides unless switching is disabled.
  • Keyboard for Player 1 is q/e for left/right, s/x for up/down.
  • Keyboard for Player 2 is o/u for left/right, k/, for up/down.
  • Keyboard fire is C= or /
  • Press Run/Stop to return to Title Screen
Match at least 3 balls of the same color to erase them.
Bugs disappear when next to an erased orb,
but can not be pulled or pushed
Armored bugs will turn into a regular bug when next to an erased orb
Bombs go off when next to an erased orb and will destroy neighboring orbs and bugs
Green bugs function like regular bugs,
but will not be affected by bombs
Beans are uncolored orbs. They can not be pulled or pushed and are not affected by bombs. When next to an erased orb it will become a copy of that orb

Game tips

  • There is no time pressure, think about the next move, talk to your co-op friend, make plans!
  • If there are no orbs that can be pulled from the game board the game enters a deadlock and you have a few seconds to put an orb back before disintegration.
  • Give co-op play with a friend a try!
  • Make a note of the last wave completed in case you want to take a break and start where you left off.
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