Game Page for Witch Rescue Service

Quickly implemented title screen for Witch Rescue Service

Witch Rescue Service started as a 1 week development challenge leading up to Halloween 2020. This version is released and included player control, scrolling, collision, background items but no challenge or goal. It can be downloaded from or played in a browser here.

The result from that week’s development was all that was planned for this project but due to unexpected appreciation for my graphics and animation of all things I’ve decided to keep going forward and turn this into TWO games!

The first game is simply completing this game and make it load levels etc. from a regular single sided floppy disk. This will limit how many animation frames I can use since all need to be in RAM even if I can copy in frames to the VIC pages as needed. This is not a severe limitation so it should be a pretty good project.

The second game will be cartridge only since this means more responsive scrolling, many many more animation frames and levels and art sets!

That’s as much as I’ve planned so far. Let’s see how it goes!

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