Space Moguls have landed on the Internets!

I’m sorry for registering this domain and putting together this site for Space Moguls. There are clearly way too many of these sites already and most of them don’t really add much value. It was an impulse and now I’m jumping on the bandwagon and adding to the clutter.

However, every time I discuss my C64 games one of the first questions that I get is where can I find more information online and I list 5-10 different places to look which doesn’t really help anything. With this space I can at least put everything into one bucket. I hope you find something of use in this wastewater bucket but if not at least there are other places.

So here we are, I promise I’ll try to write way more technical, artistic or at least more informative posts in the future. I’ve added some basic info about the games and put together the all-important press kit, I’ll keep updating those pages until they feel complete and then maybe I’ll finally start documenting my public tools from GitHub.

Again, I apologise for my impulsive behaviour but what is done is done.

Published by Space Moguls

I make Commodore 64 games and sometimes demos.

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