Shallan Discord March Coding Challenge!

Fun times optimizing 6502 assembly! Each month Shallan’s Discord has a coding challenge and every second month it is an optimization challenge, Let’s look back at the previous challenge! January Coding Challenge A couple of months ago I participated in a Commodore 64 size coding challenge, the idea was to reproduce this screen by loadingContinue reading “Shallan Discord March Coding Challenge!”

Witch Rescue Service first release!

My Halloween 2020 project has turned into an unexpected success! Both in terms of how much was accomplished and in terms of encouragement I’ve received to continue working on this project. The game is available from and can be played in a browser from Let’s go back to the start. The first ideaContinue reading “Witch Rescue Service first release!”

Space Moguls have landed on the Internets!

I’m sorry for registering this domain and putting together this site for Space Moguls. There are clearly way too many of these sites already and most of them don’t really add much value. It was an impulse and now I’m jumping on the bandwagon and adding to the clutter. However, every time I discuss myContinue reading “Space Moguls have landed on the Internets!”